The name Athena is a very popular Greek name for baby girls. Ariadne was the name of the Cretan goddess of fertility in Greek mythology. The name Aretha can additionally be one of many distinctive Greek names for girls.

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Wikimedia Commons has media associated to Artemis.Theoi Project, Artemis, info on Artemis from original Greek and Roman sources, pictures from classical art. Children of the Gods pp 33f; Leto’s birth-pangs, however, are graphically depicted by historical sources. 105 Artemis, the Artemis , the Artemis Chasma, the Artemis Corona, and the Artemis lunar program have all been named after the goddess. Hawks had been the favored birds of many of the gods, Artemis included. Deer have been the one animals held sacred to Artemis herself. On seeing a deer bigger than a bull with horns shining, she fell in love with these creatures and held them sacred.


The name Katherine is a really traditional name for a child girl. This is a nice name for a child girl that additionally sounds soothing. The name Ida means “From Mount Ida, the Mountain Goddess” and diligent and is of Greek origin. The name Daphne is also a really nice name for a child girl which suggests “Laurel Tree” and “Greek water nymph”. It means “She Who Judges” and “Bright” and is of Greek origin.

It was created by modifying the Phoenician alphabet, with the innovation of adopting sure letters to characterize the vowels. The variant of the alphabet in use right now is essentially the late Ionic variant, introduced for writing classical Attic in 403 BC. In classical Greek, as in classical Latin, solely upper-case letters existed. The lower-case Greek letters had been developed a lot later by medieval scribes to allow a sooner, extra convenient cursive writing fashion with using ink and quill. Greek, in its trendy form, is the official language of Greece, where it’s spoken by nearly the complete inhabitants.

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The competition begins with a splendid procession in honor of Artemis, and the maiden officiating as priestess rides last within the procession upon a chariot yoked to 4 deer, Artemis’ conventional mode of transport . At the Miletus there was a sanctuary of Artemis Chitone and was one of the oldest sanctuaries in the city. She was worshipped at Naupactus as Aetole; in her temple in that city, there was a statue of white marble representing her throwing a javelin. This “Aetolian Artemis” would not have been introduced at Naupactus, anciently a spot of Ozolian Locris, until it was awarded to the Aetolians by Philip II of Macedon. Strabo information another precinct of “Aetolian Artemos” at the head of the Adriatic.

She caught 5 golden horned deer and harnessed them to her chariot. The third labour of Heracles, commanded by Eurystheus, consisted of catching the Cerynitian Hind alive. Heracles begged Artemis for forgiveness and promised to return it alive.

The new main class in Ottoman Greece were the prokritoi (πρόκριτοι in Greek) known as kocabaşis by the Ottomans. The prokritoi had been basically bureaucrats and tax collectors, and gained a unfavorable reputation for corruption and nepotism. The Cyclades islands, in the midst of the Aegean, have been officially annexed by the Ottomans in 1579, though they were underneath vassal status because the 1530s. Cyprus fell in 1571, and the Venetians retained Crete till 1669.

Below are some widespread Greek girl names, which are inspired by Greek mythology, heroes, gods, and the rituals of the ancient Greeks. Not only was Artemis the goddess of the hunt, she was also called the goddess of wild animals, wilderness, childbirth and virginity. Also, she was protector of young kids greek brides and was know to deliver and relieve disease in women. In literature and artwork she was depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrow. She was the goddess of many things, however most keep in mind her as essentially the most recognizable of the searching deities.

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